3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

Rock your practice.

As part of our fully validated Straumann Group Digital Solutions, we offer the 3Shape TRIOS®: a powder-free intraoral scanner with highly accurate 3D output and realistic colors, with ‘AI Scan’ removing unwanted soft tissue for faster impression taking. In addition, 3Shape TRIOS® measures the teeth shade and records the patient's own jaw movement to obtain the best restorative result back from lab.

Enjoy the freedom of wireless scanning.


    Fast, easy to use, and creates documented-accurate digital color impressions.


    Capable of measuring shades of teeth and adding HD photos to the 3D model.


    Available with pen grip or ­handle.


    Open STL data format.


    No annoying wires. Easy battery exchange for a continuous scan experience. Three long-lasting, rechargeable batteries included. Wide variety of indications, restorative options and materials.

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3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner. Rock your practice.

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